Product & Services

DG Infotech ltd, an information technology company, whose founding members aims to fully engage in the digital economy and be the preferred delivery partner of government agencies in their earnest effort to streamline internal process, in order to provide practical interaction and efficient online services to their citizens, and therefore improving lives.


With our core expertise, we provide G@C solutions such as National Registry, Criminal Clearance Tracking and Credentials, Work Permit and other forms of digitization of government services, leveraging on internet technology and secured delivery platform.

Trusted Identity

Our specialization covers Trusted Identity solutions such as National Registry, Identity Smartcard, EPassport, Driver’s License, Foreign Residence Cards, Mobile ID, and other secured digital Identification credentials.


Together with strategic partners, we enable industry-specific eco-system such as Fisheries, Livestock and Agriculture, small and micro enterprises, etc. to achieve business sustainability with our farm-to-fork supply chain solution.

E-Payment & E-Financial Services

We see technology as an inevitable but positive disruptor Our E-Wallet solution, incorporating various digital financial services, such as micro-financing and insurance, shall complement our E-Commerce business.