Old Age Allowance Disbursement

Old Age Allowance Disbursement

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Old Age Allowance Disbursement

Client:Ministry of Social Welfare, Bangladesh

Social Welfare Ministry disburses old age allowance to selected beneficiaries as per their preselected guideline all over Bangladesh. But management of this fund disbursement to actual recipient with exact amount was a challenging issue for them. Thus DG Infotech Ltd. introduced DGe-pay system based allowance disbursement process through biometric authentication to meet the challenge.

DG Infotech Ltd. successfully completed a pilot project for old age allowance disbursement by Social Welfare Ministry in Savar Upazilla. Scopes included in this pilot project are as following:

  • Information collection (personal) of Old age beneficiaries.
  • Capturing finger print and photos of each beneficiary.
  • Issuance of smart card with finger print based authentication.
  • Disbursement of allocated allowance funds among all the beneficiaries through DGe-pay system.
  • Report to Social welfare ministry with data collection, personalization, card issuance and allowance disbursement.

This particular project was intended for more secure and authenticated allowance disbursement and on time disbursement to actual beneficiaries with greater `control of disbursement authority.

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