Biometric Smart Card Based Alternative Banking Channel

Biometric Smart Card Based Alternative Banking Channel

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Biometric Smart Card Based Alternative Banking Channel

Client:Prime Bank Limited & Dipon Consultancy Services Ltd.

A branchless banking system, based on primarily biometric finger print based authentication mechanism with provision of traditional PIN based transaction platform – that facilitates low cost access to banking facilities through POS, ATM, Internet to the citizens from almost all demographic characteristic including very low income generating people and inhabitant of most remote geographic location.

In collaboration with Prime Bank Limited, DGe-pay been launched under the brand name Prime Cash nationwide with more than 1500 agent points with GPRS based POS machines for branchless banking facilities including following services to clients/ citizens:

  • Account Opening (Smart Card based Bio-Metric Authenticated complying necessary KYC formalities of Bangladesh Bank)
  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Fund Transfer
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Salary Disbursement
  • Premium Collection
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Transection Statement Generation
  • Micro Finance Loan Disbursement.

Under the DGe-pay system, the prime cash account holders are allocated a virtual account with Prime Bank Ltd. and given a biometric smart card to operate the account. This smart card based virtual wallet account has been designed to address the banking needs of the unbanked rural and urban people of the country. To avail the host of banking services the account holders go to the prime cash service points spread across the country, that are operated by the well trained agents. The smart card comes with a chip to store biometric data of the customer including fingerprints and photograph in digital form and is quite unique to ensure security, safety and simple use. This smart card by default with a bank account can be used as an identification card, health card, insurance card and many other purposes that may require secure identity.

The citizens/ users are getting the following benefits from the DGe-pay platform:

  • Secured authentication with own finger prints via smart card
  • Less documents requirement for the enrollment of an account
  • Competitive services charges
  • No PIN Numbers/ Password have to remember/ store for the transaction
  • Transactions takes less time and more convenient service points across the country
  • Customers are getting several financial functions from one platform
  • Several ways to access the account (i.e. POS Terminals, ATMs)
  • Availability of the service round the clock 24/7/365
  • No yearly charge for the maintenance of the smart card
  • Monitoring transaction history as mini statement from any service time
  • Anytime account balance enquiry.

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