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Issuance of Fisher Man ID Card in Bangladesh for the Ministry of fisheries.

DG Infotech Ltd. is also working for ID card issuance project by Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh for 2 million fishermen all over the country. In the project DG Infotech Ltd. lead consortium is responsible for:

  • Data Capture (Including Digital Photo and Fingerprint) from all over Bangladesh.
  • Data Entry of captured Data, Photo Processing & Printing
  • ID Card Printing and Personalization
  • Delivery of ID cards to fisheries department
  • System Software Development & Implementation for capturing, Storing and retrieving data.


Project already started and about 150,000 data already captured and personalized. Expected to finish 800,000 by the end of DEC, 13 and complete 2 million by end of March, 14.

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